Armitage Agonistes

here.  Richard Armitage’s character journals are somethings I would really love to see.

And there are going to be pick-ups!


„But that kind of rounded out our first seven episodes which were all Italian courses, and then going into the Red Dragon chapter it felt like, ‚Well, let’s do Red Dragon and let’s fetishize all the inspiration material for that‘. The first episode had to be called ‚The Great Red Dragon‘, and when you see what Neil Marshall has done with the episode, and how wonderful Richard Armitage is in the role – we were so lucky to get him.

„He really embraced the insanity of it, and he would send me his journals, his actor’s journals of the character and how he was interpreting the text, and it was just fascinating to be let in on his process in that way. He was so thorough, and he’s…

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